Welcome to swyxkit test!

Dec 2022 Note: this is now out of date, see the https://github.com/sw-yx/swyxkit README for most up to date feature list

swyx’s preferred starter for Svelte projects:

  • SvelteKit
  • Tailwind 3 + Tailwind Typography
  • Netlify

Key Features and Design Considerations:

  • Features
    • Dark mode
    • Blog with blog index
      • Top level blog URLs (/myblog instead of /blog/myblog)
      • Blog content in a separte /content folder instead of in /src/routes
    • Consumes markdown and MDSveX (and in future - external data sources)
      • with syntax highlighting
    • RSS (at /api/rss.xml) with caching
  • Performance touches
    • no hydrate on about and blog pages
    • set maxage to 1 minute to cache (consider making it 1-7 days on older posts)
  • Minor design/UX touches

Live Demo

See https://swyxkit.netlify.app/




npm install
npm run start

You should be able to deploy this project straight to Netlify as is, just like this project is.

Before deploying, remember to configure /lib/siteConfig.js - just some hardcoded vars i want you to remember to configure.

Further Reading

You can read:


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