Turning a SvelteKit project into a Monorepo

I have written about why I think most setups should come with monorepo tooling out of the box, and it is time to turn swyxkit into a monorepo as well.

This is not an entirely “free” proposition - there is a learning curve, and the tooling overhead must be low for swyxkit to remain useful to a wide audience. However I think the combination of pnpm and turborepo and the “new Storybook” solutions ( #21 ) mean it is worth adding now.


I was originally going to blog my work but there were just wayy too many steps.

Sooooo.. just clone my new boilerplate lol https://github.com/sw-yx/sveltekit-monorepo



ultimately i have NOT implemented this in swyxkit because i felt it was overkill for a blog project.

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